Covid-19 Policy

The Board of Directors met using Zoom on September 11, 2020 and rescinded the quarantine policy dated March 30, 2020. 

In its place the Board of Directors has voted to adopt the Mexican national policy regarding Covid-19. This policy is markedly different from its predecessor.

The state of Jalisco along with all other states in Mexico continues to follow a comprehensive and dynamic response to the pandemic. Everyone recognizes that the pandemic presents the country and the state with unprecedented challenges. There is the need to protect the population and yet allow them to be engaged in a full range of life’s activities. 

Mexico is composed of thirty-one states and its capital, a federal district. Mexico has adopted the use of traffic lights to define the greater and lesser severity of Covid in each state. It ranges from red, the most severe, to green, the least severe. So, the traffic light system indicates the level of epidemiological risk and shows the relative progress of a state toward green, the traffic light that represents the slightest risk. A state’s traffic light color is reviewed and subject to change weekly.

Besides the traffic lights there are behavioral constants that remain in place throughout the pandemic irrespective of a state’s traffic light color.

Here are the traffic lights with their meanings.

You will not find words like required or insist or quarantine. Mexican Covid-19 policy is more a series of best practices and behavior. The policy is instructional, not regulatory and its fundamental principle is personal responsibility. Jalisco’s traffic light color is orange.

Traffic light indicators:

Red Light: Only essential economic activities will be permitted, people will also be allowed to walk outside around their homes during the day.

Orange Light: Besides essential economic activities, non-essential businesses will be allowed to function with 30% of their staff in order to function, always taking into account the highest level of safety for people at the greatest risk of being gravely affected by Covid-19, public spaces will be opened with reduced capacity.

Yellow Light: All work-related activities are permitted, taking special care of people with the highest Covid-19 risk. Public spaces are open as normal and enclosed public spaces with reduced capacity. As in the colors of the other traffic lights, these activities ought to include basic means of prevention and the greatest care for those who are most vulnerable to Covid-19.

Green Light: All activities including school are permitted.

Constant Preventive Measures:

Irrespective of the traffic light these are preventive measures appropriate in all situations.

 Safe distancing: Maintain safe distance (from 1.5 to 2 meters), in case of not being able to keep a safe distance use a face-mask, for example public transportation. 

Cleaning: Clean (with soap and water) and disinfect (with chlorine solution) surfaces and objects in common use.

Hand washing: Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, in case there is no soap and water, you can use alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

 Coughing and sneezing: Breathing etiquette, cover your nose and mouth using the inside the fold of your elbow or with a disposable handkerchief.

Showing symptoms: In case you have recognizable symptoms and are not part of a high risk group and do not have difficulty breathing, stay home.

Covid Related Modifications to Practices, Services and Infrastructure 

1) Safe distancing and wearing masks, cleaning, hand washing, coughing and sneezing safely, isolation if symptomatic are to be practiced in all common areas wherever and whenever it is reasonable to do so
2) The gym and library are open for one person at a time.
3) In both the library and gym there is disinfectant and hand sanitizer to clean the equipment before and after use.
4) In common areas, the norm is to set out 50% of furniture and equipment and to place the furniture strategically to maximize distance between users.
5) A maximum of four people may be seated at a table and tables should not be moved. 
6) No visitors are allowed in the common areas.
7) Visitors are only allowed to park in visitors’ parking.
8) Hosts must meet and escort visitors from the parking lot to their unit and pick up deliveries at the gatehouse.
9) Owners are expected to inform renters about Covid related matters before the renters arrive.

All Covid related policies and modifications to our practices, services and infrastructure will be subject to review at each regular Board of Directors meeting.