Travel Health

J.T.D. Main, M.D.,DipSportMed
Senior District Medical Officer
Veterans Affairs Canada,
Birds of Paradise, Unit 524

We have all discovered the joy and adventures of travel, and for the most part, these have been medically uneventful. However, the more we can learn about the possible pitfalls, the more we can take the appropriate steps to avoid unnecessary medical problems. Recently, we have witnessed the sudden appearance of HIV, SARS, West Nile virus, avian influenza, mad cow disease and monkeypox – all diseases that have emerged from animals to infect humans, and so it behooves us to be aware of the changing world-wide scene of new and developing infections – none of us is immune to any of these, whether we are living in Canada or in Mexico.

The following presentation is not intended to be an all-inclusive dissertation on travel medicine. I have tried to emphasize the more important health aspects of living in Mexico for part or all of the year. I have detailed several important and useful links that can be used to obtain more specific information concerning areas in which you might be interested.

A. Preparation for Travel / Immunization / Medical Kit

B. Traveler’s Diarrhea

C. Sun Related Problems “Slip, Slap, Slop”

D. Heat Related Problems

E. Hiking in the Sierra Madres

F. Bites & Stings

G. Useful Travel Health Links